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About ColorBlossom and our Founder...

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Color Blossom Clothing is a small-batch boutique brand combining comfort & class with an explosion of joyful color.

We care about quality, not quantity.

We create, sew and sell a limited number of each design, so if you miss one sassy combo, don't sweat it-- another is on the way! This also means we'll occasionally team-up with other body bragging companies to offer tops & accessories; companies who support women of all shapes and sizes and who choose to brighten the world with products that spark joy, hope and happiness.


Kris ColorBlossom

Once a rookie to the world of fabrics, design & fashion-- there was nothing new about my experience as a mom, wife & woman who knows what I like when it comes to comfortable, complimentary & wildly colorful clothing.
Like lots of women, I wanted to live in my very favorite piece of clothing-- my leggings.  
Whether exercising or running errands, I wanted to be comfy, but I also wanted to spread the joy color brings to lives-- not just black or grey. 
I also wanted to encourage girls & women of all ages, sizes & shapes to embrace their bodies with joy.
As a mom to four young women, I deal with the love, drama & body image issues that accompany raising children from ages 17 to 28-- and in this day & age I don't like what I see-- so I set out to make a difference.

Professionally, I've come full circle. I began college looking to complete a degree in design & retail marketing but ended it graduating the University of Wisconsin Summa Cum Laude as a nurse. After practicing for a few years, I launched a successful career as a television news medical reporter. My work has been enjoyed on CNN, CBSFOX, a nationally-syndicated women’s lifestyle show, and numerous websites.
Finally, I returned to my very first love-- launching ColorBlossom Clothing in the surprisingly color-inspiring desert landscape that is stunning Arizona.
ColorBlossom Walks the Talk.
Your choices support domestic organizations that uplift and promote positivity, hope & joy in people, animals, and their communities.

Get ready to ditch basic blah and brag about your body in  ColorBlossom! CHEERS! ~Kris


 Color Blossom Clothing Color Blossom Clothing